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About Us

Neri Contractors & Excavators, Inc. is a third-generation union and owner-operated company that provides the people of Lake in the Hills, Illinois, and the surrounding areas a higher standard of earthwork. Originally a residential excavation company, we evolved into a complete site developer for both residential and commercial customers.

How We Started & How We Evolve

Our company began working in the Chicago area in the 1930's, and with the ownership transferring to an ambitious couple, our company began servicing the Northern half of Illinois and the southern border of Wisconsin since 1978. President and Owner Bill and Secretary Treasurer Gail decided to make their own way in life when they started this company and have helped it grow into what it is today.

In this competitive marketplace, it's the responsibility of both clients and contractors to be innovative and embrace the front line of technology in the industry. We were the first contractor in the area to implement Topcon™ 3D GPS systems into our fleet to improve efficiency and performance across the board. By using this technology, we have a visual interface the operator utilizes to determine their exact location and make the required cut or fill.

Past & Present Projects

From hospitals and retirement centers to Walgreens™ and McDonald's™, we've worked with an array of different customers to satisfy a variety of needs. Whether the work is big or small, we put our best foot forward every time. We adapt to whatever our customer needs from us, change our services according to the evolvement that comes with time, and make sure we're meeting relevant needs in the industry. Currently, we're finishing up the second Olympic-sized polo field in the U.S. for a private indoor polo barn facility.

Reliable, Brand Equipment

When you hire us to work on any kind of project, we come with machines from a fleet of earthwork equipment that exceeds 120 pieces. With over 90% of our equipment from Caterpillar™, you get the industry standard for reliability on every job. All other pieces are chosen from a variety of other reputable manufacturers for specialized work on specific jobs.

A Dedicated Staff You Can Trust

Our personnel continually perform tasks that range from routine maintenance to factory-certified rebuilds, so our machines are ready to work whenever our clients need them to. We pride ourselves on maintaining our equipment to look clean and function exceptionally well, while also upgrading our fleet to keep up with current technologies.

With a dedication to innovation and maintaining a high standard of work, Neri Contractors & Excavators, Inc. makes developing your site a breeze. Get the most efficient and effective combination of earthwork services every time when you hire us for a project.